Spider Utility: LSU Overview

General Information

Spider is a Forensics Tool for Network and System Administrators.  It is FREE and an open-source solution provided by Cornell University's IT Security Office.  

With this tool, you can search workstations and servers for sensitive information. A list will be generated including any information that the tools deems "SENSITIVE DATA".  The information flagged by Spider may not be sensitive, however it is content that has potential to be of high-importance and may need additional security protection.

Important Privacy Notice

You may use this tool to search your own data and other files stored in your individual computer accounts on University-owned systems. A technician or administrator may use this tool to search data and other files stored in individual computer accounts on University-owned systems within his or her scope of responsibility if the technician has the following:

  • Written permission from the individual to whom the account or device has been assigned or attributed.
  • Was given prior written notification to the individuals that this tool will be used, by whom, for what purpose, and how the resulting information will be used.

Pre-Installation Notes

Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux.

*Before using the Spider Utility, talk with your department TSP or the IT Security and Policy Office at lsu-itsecurity@lsu.edu.

Download & Install

 Spider from TigerWare

Referenced from: Cornell.edu