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To Access Using Your myLSU ID & Password: 1. Open a Web Browser. 2. Browse to and choose Sign In at...
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To Force a Check-In in K2: 1. In SQL Management Studio, run this SQL query to find the Form that has been checked out: select * from [k2].[Form].AuditLog For example, let's say I have a Form that has been checked out by Bob on 06-02-2014 at 12:47, then please copy...
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Linux IAAS SLA Introduction This document is to establish the Service Level...
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Survey Design and Administration Best Practices General Guidelines Response rates to online surveys typically range from 30-60%. Select only classifications of students, faculty, staff or customers that are appropriate for the topic of study (e.g., full-time vs part-time employees).
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Who reviews/approves the IT100 and why? The IT100 is reviewed by three different groups: Data Governance, ITS Security, and the Digital Resource and Content Committee (DRC). These groups analyze the potential data involved, security risks related to use of the software, and compliance with accessibility standards. Is IT100 approval required...
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To provide continuous improvement and high quality of services regarding all of LSU's software and digital resource acquisition needs, Information Technology Services, in collaboration with the Digital Resource & Content Committee (DRC), IT Governance Council, and Procurement has introduced a streamlined software acquisition process. This process removes redundancies,...
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General Information TurningPoint Clickers are devices that allow a student to respond in real-time to in-person polls, quizzes, surveys, and more. Instructors can see the results live and collect or display...
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