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General Information

GROK ( is LSU's Online Knowledge Base that is managed by Information Technology Services (ITS).  GROK provides an ever-expanding resource that includes overviews, helpful links, and step-by-step instructions for installing or purchasing software, using LSU-specific applications.  GROK can also help give you ideas on using technology to do your job better- you can explore articles by browsing the categories on the left-hand side of the page.  You can also give suggestions of new topics that you would like for us to document.   

GROK (the word):  Why is it called GROK?  What does GROK mean?

Eligibility & Order Procedures

Available To:           LSU Faculty, Staff, Students, and Student Organizations.

Request Service:   Complete the GROK Content Request Form.

Delivery Time:        3 Business Days.

How is GROK Content Organized?

Information is organized in the GROK public interface by two means: Categories & LSU Overview Articles. On the left-hand column is a list of all the categories that are available to the public. Within the categories are LSU Overviews on various subjects that contain links to documentation that is available on GROK and also to manufacturer resources on that subject. The purpose of the LSU Overview is to have all the information you would need on a subject to get to started in one central location.  

How Is GROK Content Maintained?

GROK articles are updated on an annual basis. Two exceptions that apply to this are articles that are updated on a more frequent basis and archived articles. Articles which are archived contain information that is deemed as being no longer current. The purpose of this is to keep content current with the latest technology. Once an article is archived, the article is still available on GROK, but it is not actively maintained for updating.  Every article is placed in a content unit for organization purposes, which is then assigned to a knowledge steward, who is responsible for making sure the articles in the content unit are up to date. 

For Knowledge Stewards & Content Editors

GROK documentation is available for you using the GROK Dashboard and the GROK Editor.  This will help you become familiar with the two main tools within GROK that will enable you to update and maintain your content.  

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