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General Information

FilesToGeaux is a temporary storage service that allows current PAWS ID accounts to upload files to LSU's secure web server and share them to others in collaboration.  After you complete your upload, you will receive a URL to use and distribute to others. FilesToGeaux allows the sharing of large data files with both LSU and non-LSU Employees.

**  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Since this is a temporary file storage solution, any uploads that are older than 90 days are DELETED.  **

Eligibility & Order Procedures

Available To:    LSU Faculty, Staff & Students.

Log In & Upload Files:    FilesToGeaux    (Use your PAWS ID & PAWS Password.)

Managing Files

Upload a New File

Create an Upload URL

Delete an Uploaded File

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I upload multiple files in one package?

In order to upload multiples files at once, you should first zip the files into a single zipped file/folder.

How long will uploads exist on the FilesToGeaux server?

FilesToGeaux will delete any uploads that are older than 90 days.


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LSU Support & Policy Statements

Help Desk Contact Information

Policy Statements

DMCA & Illegal File Sharing

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