Wireless Quick Guide: LSU Overview

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Have a myLSU ID?

eduroam login with PAWS ID at LSU dot edu in the top box and password in bottom box

  • eduroam:

    • Login with <username>@lsu.edu and your myLSU password. Don't forget the @lsu.edu- just your myLSU username will not work!
    • After 3 failed sign-in attempts, you will be temporarily locked out for 15 minutes. After this, you can try logging in again.
    • Make sure you are selecting eduroam, and if you are on an Android phone, make sure Authentication Protocol is MSCHAP-V2.
    • If you see a prompt about a certificate, select Accept (or Trust).
    • If you are having problems getting the logon box to display, you may need to Forget the Network:
    • You may also view the full wireless articles below for additional help or more information.


No myLSU ID:

  • lsuguest:

  • Other Institution in eduroam:
    • Login with your school's username (username@[domain].edu) and password.
    • Don't forget the @[domain].edu- just your school's username alone will not work!
    • Please note that LSU does not provide support for non-LSU eduroam login issues. Please contact your institution's Service  Desk.
    • If you are having problems getting the logon box to display, you may need to Forget the Network:
    • eduroam Wireless: LSU Overview



SSID (Network Name) eduroam
Network Type Infrastructure (or Access Point)
Security WPA2 Enterprise
Data Encryption AES
Authentication Method/Protocol MSCHAP-V2
Certificate Authority (CA) AAA Certificate Services


  • Your Wireless Adapter MUST have support for WPA2 Enterprise and MUST be Wi-Fi Certified.
  • Your Wireless Adapter MUST support the following Wireless Standards & Bands:
    • 802.11a/n (5GHz) & 802.11g/n (2.4GHz) - 802.11b is not supported
  • WPA2 comes in two flavors: WPA2 Personal and WPA2 Enterprise.
    • It is important to make this distinction as the LSU Wireless Network will ONLY support the Enterprise Mode.


  • Try entering your password slowly and watch the keys as you type it. 
  • Try turning Wifi off for one minute, and then try connecting again.
  • If you still can't connect or need assistance, please contact the Service Desk at 225.578.3375 or servicedesk@lsu.edu.
  • You may also view the full wireless FAQ at Wireless: Common Issues & Frequently Asked Questions for more specific and advanced troubleshooting.



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