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The LSU wireless guest network is for the exclusive use of official guests to the University. LSU faculty and staff can create guest accounts at . lsuguest Network Settings SSID: lsuguest Network Type: Infrastructure (or Access Point) TCP/IP: DHCP Data Encryption: none ...
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For emergencies, please call the NOC at 225-578-6621. Instructions for submitting a Frey Building Maintenance Request - (Non-Emergency Requests...
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General Information LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network combines the resources of Louisiana's public and private academic libraries, along with a centralized support staff located on the LSU campus, to produce a dynamic library consortium. The central...
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General Information It has been officially announced that on July 15th, the global root DNS name servers will start serving their zones in a secure manner (providing DNSSEC signed material). This will result in larger DNS packet sizes, due to the...
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General Information LSU Faculty and Staff with budgetary authority may submit a request for an estimate by filling out and submitting an ITS Work Order. ‘Electronics only’ estimates...
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LSU DNSSEC: DNS Security Extensions What is DNSSEC? In short : A secure domain name resolution system . The Domain Name System (DNS) was not designed...
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