Networking Resources: UNI Telecommunication Estimates

General Information

LSU Faculty and Staff with budgetary authority may submit a request for an estimate by filling out and submitting an ITS Work Order.

‘Electronics only’ estimates can usually be provided within 7 workdays; telecommunications cabling projects, depending on their complexity, can take 7 to 21 workdays.

It is the policy of the University Networking & Infrastructure group that any network that will connect to the campus network must be designed and installed according to the specifications set forth by the Network Usage Policy. This is to ensure the utmost reliability and optimum network performance. The Network Usage Policy may be read via the internet at THIS ADDRESS. In addition, all network equipment and cabling must be approved by UNI. This allows us to standardize all components of the network, providing reliable network services at a minimum total cost, including installation, maintenance, and repair. While the infrastructure and equipment listed by these specifications may not be the least expensive solution available, UNI has selected components that integrate well with the existing network and provide the best overall value.

Our estimates represent our best effort to determine the cost of the work involved in the installation of the network changes requested. Upon receipt, please read the estimate carefully.

Key Points to Remember

1. This is only an estimate, not a binding agreement giving a fixed cost of the installation. We make every effort to estimate as closely as possible the actual costs, but personnel restrictions limit the ability of UNI to make full and detailed estimates. The estimated costs outlined in this document are meant to be used as a figure on which to base funding. The final cost of the installation may be higher or lower than the estimate given here.

For Fixed-Cost Estimates: Only Facility Services can provide a fixed-cost estimate for their services; if you wish, we will be happy to make that request for you. Please understand the process can add weeks to your project and may increase costs, as Facility Services charges a fee for such estimates when funded.

2. Facility Services charges are billed directly and are estimated based on prior experience. Unless otherwise stated, this estimate does not include any intervention on the part of Facility Services. As per LSU Systems Policy Statement 84, any modifications to existing buildings that are required for a network installation must be performed by Facility Services. When Facility Services work is required, UNI will design and request the necessary work, but, the work will be billed based on rules set by that office.

3. Some estimates may be higher than anticipated. Please be aware that we have attempted to design a network that offers maximum flexibility and room for growth. All estimates from UNI attempt to design the most flexible and expandable network while attempting to minimize the additional cost. This and all other estimates are consistent with industry and campus networking standards, and the installation will be consistent with existing safety and fire prevention standards. Furthermore, the design of this network is consistent with newly emerging standards and future industry directions.

4. This estimate DOES NOT include costs for computer equipment, computer upgrades, network interface cards, software installation, or software upgrades.

5. When initiating a work request based on this estimate, please allow a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks from the time you submit the Request for the work to be completed.

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