Clearing Cached/Saved Credentials on MacOS (10.8+)

How to Clear Cached/Saved Credentials on MacOS (10.8+)

Keychain Access, found in the Utilities application folder, is a tool that allows the user to save credentials in a secure cache, eliminating the need to remember dozens of usernames and passwords. To clear the cache of saved credentials, follow the instructions below: 

1. Find and open the Utilities folder located in the Application folder. 

Utilities application


2. Open the Keychain Access tool. 

Keychain Access application


3. On the bottom-left-hand side of the Keychain Access tool window, select the Passwords tab. 

Keychain Access Passwords tab


4. Right-click an item from the list of saved credentials and select Delete "[Name]".

Delete "[Name]" option


5. Your Mac will ask you to confirm if you want to delete the selected item from Keychain Access. Click Delete

Confirmation window


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