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Notes: To avoid potential account problems, please access your OneDrive for Business account via a web browser prior to using a OneDrive Desktop Sync application (or an application that syncs with OneDrive for Business). The OneDrive Desktop Sync application is automatically downloaded in Windows 8 and 10 devices The OneDrive Desktop Sync application is included in...
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Signing in to LSU Zoom 1. Go to and click Login. If it asks you how you would like to login, select Sign in with SSO. 2. Use your LSUMail account (e.g. to login . Please note, if you are off-campus, you may be required to follow additional steps to prove your identity. If you need assistance or more...
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General Information The Box platform is a useful cloud software solution which allows you to back up your documents on the cloud, as well as link any desired documents you wish to share with a friend or business partner. All of these tools are offered via the internet so you can access your documents within Box at any time from any location. Please note: If you...
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