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Please follow the steps below to use LSUMail for the first time. All steps are required. Do NOT skip any of these steps! To log into LSUMail for the first time: Check if you are eligible for LSUMail by logging into myLSU , select Personal Preferences at the left, then click LSU Email. You may also check via the button below: If you are eligible , you...
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General Information LSU provides its faculty, staff, and students with an LSU E-mail Account and is referenced as LSUMail in this article. It is powered by the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service and the web interface has been customized for LSU. Your e-mail address will be: [Your myLSU Account...
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NOTE : You cannot use any Office software until your first day of class , regardless of status, if you are a new student. NOTE: Using a Chromebook? You can install Office mobile apps for Android on your Chromebook if you have the Google Play Store or use Office Online if you have the Google Web Store. The following instructions will not work for Chromebook. Install...
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General Information All LSU students and employees automatically get a myLSU account to access University services through the myLSU portal. An e-mail address of the format is also automatically generated when the myLSU account is created. Therefore, everyone with a myLSU account also has a address. However, what happens to messages sent...
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