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General Information

LSU provides its faculty, staff, and students with an LSU E-mail Account named LSUMail.  It is powered by the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service and the web interface has been customized for LSU.  Your e-mail address will be: [Your PAWS ID]  LSUMail / Office 365 is also known by the following names:  OWA, Exchange Online, Outlook, and Outlook Web App.  


Related Information

E-mail: LSU Overview

Log into LSUMail through Outlook Web Access (OWA)

  • When using, you need to include the at the end of your PAWS ID.  ex.

Office365 ProPlus: LSU Overview  - Free Microsoft Office product with your LSUMail account

Setting Up LSUMail on your Mobile Device

Eligibility and Quotas

Available To:    LSU Faculty, Staff, Students, and Retirees.  (Baton Rouge Campus ONLY.)

Authentication:    A current PAWS ID (click for more info) and PAWS password. 

Quota Limits:    Each Mailbox allows for 50 GB of E-mail storage.  Please visit the links below for other LSUMail limits.

Delivery Time:  2 days after the Account is created. For students, 2 days after the Complete Registration button is pressed.


Account Retention and Deletion

LSUMail Accounts are valid for the duration of an individual’s active relationship with LSU. Depending on an individual's status with the university, a PAWS account may become a candidate for deletion.

  • Students
    • who are Currently Enrolled: You have full access to LSUMail starting from your first day of classes according to the undergraduate academic calendar.
    • who are Not Currently Enrolled: You will lose access to OneDrive, but retain access to LSUMail, if you do not enroll for one Fall or Spring semester. You will lose access to LSUMail if you do not enroll for 3 continous major semsters (Fall or Spring).
    • who have Graduated: You will lose access to OneDrive immediately, and then lose access to LSUMail 3 major semesters (Fall and Spring) after graduation. Please export your e-mails and files prior to this time.
  • Faculty and Staff
    • who have Resigned:  Access to LSUMail is disabled 30 days following separation from the university.
    • who have Retired:  Access to the primary LSUMail Account is retained and renewable in 10 year increments via e-mail.
  • In order for LSU Employees to be able to access financial and tax documents, the myLSU Portal ( will persist for the calendar year following the last year of employment.

Training and Support

Introduction to Outlook on the Web

Getting Started with Outlook Web App (OWA)

Outlook Training

Junk E-mail Settings

ITS Web Browser Recommendation

LSUMail: Conditional Access


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Access my LSUMail Account?
The easiest way is with a web browser. In the address field, type:

What is my LSUMail Login ID?
The login ID is also known as the "Microsoft Online Services ID". It is just your LSU e-mail address. Ex.

How do I Recover a Deleted E-mail?
When you delete an e-mail in LSUMail, you have 14 DAYS to recover the e-mail.  For more information, see LSUMail: Recover Deleted E-mails.

What happens to my LSUMail Account when I leave LSU?
For Faculty and Staff, unless you retire from LSU, your LSUMail Account will be suspended 30 days after LSU Human Resources lists you as an "Inactive Employee".  It will be Deleted approximately 1 year after it is Suspended.

Note: You will receive an e-mail notification when you leave LSU about the impending suspension.

For Students, your LSUMail Account will be suspended after three inactive semesters.

For more information about this, please see: LSUMail: Retention of Accounts

What Programs and Operating Systems Support LSUMail?
LSUMail supports a wide variety of e-mail programs that run on all types of platforms and operating systems. See the ways to Connect to LSUMail.

LSU Support and Policy Statements

LSU Help Desk: Contact Information

LSU Policy Statements

LSU Microsoft Campus License Agreement

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