Accounts: LSU Overview

2018 LSUMail and myLSU Password Synchronization

Before 2018, the LSU community maintained separate LSUMail and myLSU credentials.

  • LSUMail was used to login to Office 365 services like Outlook and Skype for Business.
  • myLSU credentials were used to authenticate into on-premises services like desktops, lab equipment, and myLSU. 
However, LSU ITS has now synchronized the two accounts so that users will only have to maintain one set of credentials - their myLSU credentials. Please read below for more information regarding the changes to myLSU and LSUMail:
  • Your LSUMail password will also update any time you change your myLSU password again in the future. It will always be your current myLSU password; they are now one in the same.
  • You will be prompted to re-enter your password for services curre
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