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A PAWS ID is an account with a username and a password given to LSU Faculty, Students and Staff by the university to access LSU's Online Resources. This will be that same ID that you will use to login to Moodle, which is where all information from your classes will be posted. (If you are an instructor this is where you will post course material and grades.)  

A typical PAWS ID is something like this:  mtiger1 

LSU Students

Student PAWS IDs are automatically created when an application for admission is submitted and the fee is paid in full.  Applicants will receive their PAWS ID information via e-mail to the address provide on the application form.

  • Applicants who do not register for classes for the semester will have their PAWS Account PURGED.
  • Students who miss three consecutive semesters of enrollment will have their PAWS Account PURGED.
  • Students who graduate will no longer be eligible for a PAWS ID.  After two consecutive semesters of non-enrollment, their PAWS Account will be PURGED.

LSU Students have the option to set up an LSU E-mail Account.   (


LSU Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff PAWS IDs are created by their departmental Human Resource Administrator using the HRS Account Creation Utility.

  • When an employee separates from the university, they receive a 30-day warning prior to purging. These accounts are suspended from everything except for their primary PAWS ID. 
  • After another 30 days, everything except the primary PAWS ID will be purged.
  • Employees will still be able to view their W-2, parking tickets and other fees. The employee's primary PAWS ID will be active for one full calendar year after the last payroll activity. 

LSU Faculty & Staff have the option to set up an LSUMail E-mail Account.  (

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