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Access If you have been granted a Frey Access Card with currently approved access to the Data Center, you are allowed in the Data Center without signing in and out when entering the Data Center during designated times for which you have approved access. You must wear your Frey Access Card where it is visible at all times that you are inside the Data...
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In order to keep an accurate accountability of mileage and fuel usage, all ITS vehicles must be...
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Data Classification Data at LSU can be classified into three categories (Confidential, Private or Public). Confidential data has a high level of sensitivity. Private data has a moderate level of sensitivity. Public data has a low level of sensitivity. Each category carries a different level of access and reputation risk. PS06.20...
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IT Policy Statements: Quick Reference NOTE: This is an abbreviated list of commonly referred to Policy Statements. This is NOT a comprehensive list. For details on ALL IT Polices & Laws,...
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Overview This article will explain how to enroll and download a client certificate from InCommon Cert Manager. The client certificate will be used to "Sign" and / or "Encrypt" your e-mail messages. NOTE: This article assumes you have already received a provisioning e-mail...
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General Information Spider is an open-source tool developed by Cornell University that can be used to discover personally identifiable information (PII) on a computer. Should a computer ever be compromised by an attacker, this information could be stolen...
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