Accounts: Secondary Accounts

Please note the following about secondary Accounts:

  • There is a 40 character (Alpha Numeric Only) limit including spaces for display names. Display names must have at least two words, none of which can begin with a numeral.
  • There is a 16 character limit for logon ID's.
  • There is no fee as long as the groups/clubs are LSU clubs that are sponsored/moderated by an LSU employee.
  • The accounts will have to be managed by a full time employee. This means that the full time person will be the owner of the account and will be the only one that can manage the password for the account.

Request a Secondary Account

1. An LSU department or organization must send the Required Information to the Service Desk. (

Required Information:

  • What is the purpose for the secondary account?
  • What should be the display name for the secondary account?
  • What is the desired e-mail for the secondary account?
  • What is the myLSU Account / e-mail of the owner of the secondary account?

An example of a secondary account request:

I am writing to request a secondary account for Department XYZ,

Purpose: To request a secondary account for Department XYZ
Display Name: Office of XYZ
Secondary Account E-mail:
myLSU Account / E-mail of the owner: mtiger1 /

2. Once the account is Approved, you will be contacted by someone at ITS by phone or e-mail with the necessary account information.

3. Upon leaving or retiring from the university, all secondary accounts must be reassigned. No secondary account is eligible for being personally retained, and must be given to another current faculty or staff member.

To Re-assign a Secondary Account

1. The account owner or department chair must send an e-mail to containing the following formation:

  • The secondary account you would like to re-assign.
  • The myLSU Account / E-mail of the individual you would like to re-assign it to.



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