VLab 2.0: Starting a Session in Windows

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Launch VLab and Open a Virtual Desktop

Follow these steps to start a VLab session on a Windows computer.  This can only be done after installing the Installing the VMware Client for Windows.

1. Double click the VMware View Client icon on your desktop or perform a search for it.

VMware View Client icon.

2. Click the New Server button at the top left. 

vmware new server button

3. Enter the Server Address: vlab2.lsu.edu then Click Connect at the bottom right.

entering the new server name for Vlab

4. Click Accept to the disclaimer at the bottom right. 

VLab disclaimer window

5. Enter your PAWS IDPAWS Password. Confirm that the Domain is LSU, then Click Login at the bottom right.

entering the username and password to VLab

6. Select the VMware Desktop you would like to login to and double click it to Connect.

VMware view server menu

7. The VLab Desktop will open and look something like this:

Note: Use the control bar at the top to manage the server. 

VLab session.


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1/29/2018 2:38:36 PM