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Request New List: To request a new Listserv list to be created on the LSU Listserv system, please contact the Service Desk with the following information: 1. A Name for the list. The name may not include...
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EXAMPLE: You have been added to the [ listname] mailing list (LSU Information Technology Listserv) by [listowner] . Please save this message for future reference, especially if this is the first time you are subscribing to an electronic mailing list. If you...
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What is the maximum message size & attachment size? The default setting is to NOT allow attachments sent to the LISTSERV. The maximum size of a message, with or without attachments, is 3 MB. This is due to computer viruses which spread easily through e-mail attachments. Do I...
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General Information LSU Faculty and staff can sign up for the LSU-ITINFO LISTSERV through the myLSU Portal. This will allow ITS to notify you through e-mail of any IT events, major changes, planned and unexpected services outages, and emergency information. Sign Up Now 1. Log into...
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General Information LISTSERV List Postings : These are e-mail messages that get distributed to members of a LISTSERV list. LISTSERV List Commands : These are e-mail messages...
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LISTSERV Troubleshooting Tips 1. The password is required only to send privileged commands in the body of a mail message addressed to LISTSERV. In most cases no password is required.
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General Information LSU is running a mailing list manager called LISTSERV from L-Soft International . LISTSERV is an e-mail list management software that allows for e-mail newsletters, announcement lists, discussion communities, etc. When you first join an LSU LISTSERV, you...
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General Information A LISTSERV Web Portal is available for Listserv owners to Manage their Listserv(s) and for Listserv subscribers to manage their list subscriptions. The Web Portal allows Listserv users to make changes without sending e-mail commands. Open the Web...
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Add or Remove Listserv List Subscribers in Bulk 1. Create & Save a text file (.txt) with an ASCII text editor, such as Notepad. The file should contain only one address (and, optionally, a space/TAB and the subscriber's name following the address) per line. 2. Log into the appropriate...
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Add / Remove Senders 1. Click Configure, located on the List Dashboard below the List Name of the list you want to administer.
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