Common Activity Settings: Common Module Settings

Common Activity Settings: Common Module Settings

Common Module Settings

  • Visibility determines the degree to which students can view the activity.  You may choose:
    • Show on course page - to make it completely visible, and listed on the course page.
    • Hide from students - to hide the activity.  This might be set to prevent students from previewing the activity before the instructor is ready, or to remove it after it should have been completed to prevent further attempts.  It also might be used for an activity that is only completed by the instructor, based on observed student actions.  Note that the activity still exists, and may still have grades in the gradebook.
    • Make available but not shown on course page - allows students to access the activity through some other link, but not from a standard activity tile on the course page.
  • ID number is optional.  It can be used to identify a an activity for grade calculation or custom reporting, but can safely be left blank.  Any number not used for another activity in the same class may be used.
  • Group mode allows an activity to be restricted to students working alone or shared among multiple students in a group.  You may choose:
    • No groups - to have each student do the activity for themselves, without group participation.
    • Separate groups - to allow the activity to be shared within groups of students, with each student only able to see their own group.
    • Visible groups - to allow the activity to shared within groups of students, with students able to see other groups as well as their own group.
  • Grouping allows students within a group of groups (a grouping) to work together. Click the grouping that contains the groups of students that can work together.

Note that Group mode and Grouping only work when the Groups setting for the course is set appropriately, and Group Submission Settings for the activity (if present) is set to Yes.

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