Moodle: Download Course Content

Download course content allows Moodle Files, Folders, Pages, and Labels to be fully downloaded in a zip file. For all other activities and resources only the activity name and the description would be part of the download file. This feature must be enabled at the site level before the activity level settings take effect. The setting has no effect on mobile app content download for offline usage.

It is recommended to set this up in a Blueprint course or prior to student enrollment to review the download zip file contents. The zip file is limited to 50MB. If larger files need to be shared with the class please consider using one if the cloud storage options available and then using their share link in Moodle.

How to Enable the Download Course Content feature in Moodle

  1. Log in to Moodle and select the desired course. 
  2. Click on the Administration Menu Gear Icon and then select Edit Settings.
    Administration Menu Edit Settings Option

  3. Click the Enable download course content dropdown menu, and select Yes.
    Visible drop down menu

  4. Click Save and Display at the bottom of the page. Your course is now visible to students.
    Save and Display button

  5. The Activity settings is defaulted to Yes. Once enabling at the course level make sure to update any activities that should not be part of the download. See GROK 20271: Common Activity Settings: Common Module Settings.

How to Download the Course Content Zip File

  1. In the desired course where download course content has been enabled, click on Course Tools (bottom left).
  2. In the Course Tools grid at the top of the page, select Download course content.
    Course Tools with Download course content highlighted

  3. A confirmation message will appear before the download begins. Once you click Download the zip file will begin to download.
    Download course content confirmation popup


Support & Training

The Faculty Technology Center (FTC) provides Moodle support by email, by phone, or live through Zoom. For contact information, please see the article Faculty Technology Center: LSU Overview. To connect through Zoom and for further information on support services and training, see the LSU Online & Continuing Education Faculty Resources & Support page.

The FTC also provides just-in-time faculty training opportunities and recorded training sessions. Attending at least one training session for Moodle upgrades is highly recommended. For a comprehensive list of available workshops and recordings, please see the LSU Online & Continuing Education Technology Training page.


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