Common Activity Settings: Restrict Access

Common Activity Settings: Restrict Access

Restrict Access settings allows an activity to only be accessed by users which match (or fail to match) a set of criteria.  Choose:

  • Whether the set of criteria must  or must not  be satisfied in order to access the activity. 
  • If you have multiple restrictions, an option will be added after the word "match" to match all or any of the restrictions.  If  all is chosen, then failing to satisfy any of the restrictions will block access.  If any is chosen, then access would only be blocked if all of the restrictions were unsatisfied.
  • Clicking the eye will choose between completely hiding the activity Open eye icon or just greying it out Open eye icon (making it unusable) for the user.
  • Clicking the × will delete the restriction from the set of criteria.

Restrict access options in activity settings

Clicking the Add restriction... button presents a menu of restrictions that can be added to the set of criteria:

  • Date - specify  a date and time  until or from which the activity is active.
  • Grade - a range of grades that must have been earned on another activity.
  • Group - require that the student be a member of a specific group or of (Any group) .
  • Grouping - require that the student be a member of a group within a specified grouping.
  • User profile - require that the student have a certain value for one of their profile fields.  For the value, the profile field may be required to be either is equal to , contains , doesn't contain , starts with , ends with , is empty , or is not empty .
  • Restriction set - allows an independent set of criteria to be treated as if it were a single restriction (a nested set).  The restriction set is specified from the same set of restrictions specified above, in the same way as a basic set of restrictions.

Menu of access restriction types

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