GROK Editor: LSU Overview

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The GROK Editor

The GROK Editor is where all articles are created, edited, and updated.

Creating a New Article

To learn how to create a new article, click GROK: How to Create a New Article.

Editing/Updating Articles

To learn how to edit articles, click GROK: How to Edit an Article.
To learn how to update articles in your content unit, click GROK: Updating Articles in my Content Unit.

GROK Editor Tools

For an overview of the GROK editor tools, click GROK: Text Editor Toolbar Functions. 

Adding Media

To learn how to add pictures to an article, click GROK: Adding Images.
To learn how to add links to an article, click GROK: Links.

Formatting and Manual of Style

To learn the GROK Formatting Guidelines, click GROK: Article Formatting Guidelines. This should always be reviewed before submitting any articles.
To view additional resources for writing style requirements, click the Chicago Manual of Style.

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