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Undergraduate Students myLSU Accounts (myLSU IDs) are automatically created when a prospective student has both Applied for admission...
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Category: Policies, Eligibility & Retention

myLSU Password Security Levels The Security Level of your myLSU Password will determine how often you will be REQUIRED to change it. This is also referred to as the Password Strength . The myLSU Account Password MUST be changed periodically: ...
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Category: Policies, Eligibility & Retention

NOTE: This article describes some problems users may encounter when trying to log on to myLSU Portal via Internet Explorer, and offers possible solutions to those problems. For information on obtaining a myLSU account, please see: myLSU Account Eligibility and Retention .
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Category: Troubleshooting

General Information The myProxy Account is used to log into the myProxy web portal with specifically identified LSU Student Information designed for a parent, guardian, or any other designated person to access LSU student information. Student information includes the Student Fee Bill, Student Tax Documents, Student...
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General Information If you do not have a MyLSU Account ID or LSU Community Account, you will need to create an LSU Community Account. An LSU Community is an account that you set up using your personal email address. Once you have this account set up, you will be able to log into the myProxy Portal to pay your student's fee bill....
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Getting Started SFTP is an acronym for Secure File Transfer Protocol. There are various SFTP software packages available that allow you to securely transfer files from one computer, to another computer. This is also known as Secure File Sharing. FileZilla is used as...
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LSU Web Development: Getting Started Requirements, Policies & Standards 1. All Files stored in the account are backed-up nightly. 2. All Files stored in the account are mirrored to the Back-up Web Server . 3. WCMS Sites allow...
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General Information There are two primary ways that guests and visitors coming to the LSU Baton Rouge Campus can attain access to University online resources. 1. LSU NetGuest Account – a LSU NetGuest account grants access to the LSU Guest Wireless Network Only. ...
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Category: Guest Accounts (NetGuest, Extended Guest, & Secondary)

Requesting a Sponsored Guest Account All LSU Sponsored Guest Accounts must have a sponsor. A sponsor is someone that is directly employed with LSU that serves as the primary contact for the guest. The sponsor will receive and distribute the account information to the guest. To request a sponsored guest...
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Category: Eligibility