myProxy Account: LSU Overview

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General Information

The myProxy Account is used to log into the myProxy web portal with specifically identified LSU Student Information designed for a parent, guardian, or any other designated person to access LSU student information.  Student information includes the Student Fee Bill, Student Tax Documents, Student Billing Statement, Student Defer Payment / Payroll Deduct, as well as some additional services.

Getting Started

1. An LSU student must invite you  OR  you can Request Access from a student.

2. You will need to Accept the Invitation  OR  wait for the student to accept your Request for Access.

3. If you DO NOT have a MyLSU Account ID, you will be prompted to Create an LSU Community Account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have multiple children attending LSU, you will only need to create one myProxy account.

Log into the myProxy Portal

For more information, see the myProxy Portal: LSU Overview.

1. Open a web browser and open the myProxy Portal.

2. Log in using your MyLSU ID  OR  your LSU Community Account.  (The LSU Community Account is typically your e-mail address.)

3. You will see ONLY the items that the student specifically gave YOU access to see.  Items include: the fee bill, the bursar office, tax documents, the billing statement, defer pymt / payr deduct & additional services.

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