myProxy: Accepting a myProxy Invitation

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Accept a myProxy Invitation

1. Open the e-mail which invites you to myProxy.

2. Click the link to accept the invitation.

Invite Text

3. If you DO have a PAWS ID, you can Log into the myProxy Portal with your PAWS ID & Password.

myLSU Log In screen

4. If you DO NOT have a PAWS ID, you will be asked to Create a myProxy Account. Once you have a myProxy Account, you will log into the myProxy Portal using these security credentials.

Create myProxy account

5. Under the first PENDING category, select Verify PIN.

Verify Pin window

6. Enter the PIN, which should have been given to you by the user in a Secure Manner (**Note: DO NOT exchange PIN numbers through email for security purposes), then select Submit

Enter Pin window

7. You will now be an Authorized User of this Account.

3/8/2019 12:29:08 PM