CommunityLSU Accounts: LSU Overview

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General Information

The communityLSU account is able to give secure access of the myLSU Portal to the parents or sponsors of LSU Students.   Through this system, MyLSU Account ID holders can grant access or a Parent can Request Access to pay a Fee Bill through the myLSU Portal.  Any Faculty, Staff or Student can grant access to another to act on their behalf.  All that is needed is a MyLSU Account ID or communityLSU Account.  

Getting Started

1. LSU Students, Faculty & Staff can access the communityLSU Portal with their MyLSU Account ID.

2. If you DO NOT have a MyLSU Account ID:

a.  Request a communityLSU Account.

b.  Access the communityLSU Portal.

3. LSU Students, Faculty & Staff, logging in with their MyLSU ID, can Invite Others to log in as them. ("Let them login as me...")

4. Both MyLSU ID & communityLSU Accounts can Request Access from LSU Students, asking to log in as them.  ("Ask if I can login as them...")

5. When signing into communityLSU, you MUST use a different browser than the LSU student. Otherwise you will not be able to log in. We also highly reccomend using a computer and NOT a mobile device, if at all possible, to avoid issues logging in.

Areas Which you can Grant communityLSU Access

  • Additional Services
  • Billing Statement
  • CATS Status
  • Classification
  • College Record
  • Defer Payment / Payroll Deduct
  • Directory Information
  • Fee Bill
  • Final Grades
  • Personal Schedule
  • Student Holds
  • Tax Documents

What does this include?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in for the first time?
Go to

How do I request that someone allow me to view their information?
Log into the communityLSU Portal, and click Sign up

I requested access already, when will I be able to see their information?
The student must accept the invitation before you can view their information. Please contact the student to request that they accept it in their account.

I forgot the PIN or it will not accept my PIN. How do I regain access?
The student must reset the PIN. Please contact the student to request that they reset it and provide it to you. You can provide the following article:

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