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Download Information Students: Download and Install from On The Hub Faculty and Staff: Download and Install From...
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General Information On The Hub is the recommended download site offered to LSU Students. It is available for downloading Windows 8.1 and other software packages with an educational discount. This method provides a FREE Authorization Key that can be used on ONE...
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Important Licensing Information Activating Windows using the Enterprise Server method will require you to connect to the license server every 180-days. If installing on a computer that will not come to campus, or if using the VPN is cumbersome, use an alternative activation method: LSU Students:...
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Connect to the eduroam Wireless Network NOTE : If unable to connect automatically, try to Manually Connect to eduroam or try Deleting the eduroam Wireless Network.
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General Information Doing these steps will Update the Activation Method that Windows uses to Authorize the Software License . The Product Key is used to Activate your Windows 8.1 Enterprise Software License from Microsoft. If the Product Key changes (which it will if you follow the...
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If the product key used to activate Windows 8.1 Enterprise has been changed it will no longer activate against LSU's activation server. To reset the product key back to it's original key follow the instructions below. 1. Go to Windows 8.1 UI (hitting the Windows key on the keyboard if not already there).
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1. Go to Windows 8.1 UI . ( Press the Windows key on the keyboard. ) 2....
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General Information This installation method is useful if you have a laptop without a DVD drive, or if you want to install Windows 8.1 faster from a USB drive. (also called a thumb drive / flash drive / jump drive / etc.) IMPORTANT WARNINGS : ...
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NOTE : ONLY for installations done through the LSU On-Campus Enterprise Activation Server. 1. Open the Start menu by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard.
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Related Article Encrypting Files & Folders with Microsoft Windows EFS General Information To prevent data loss when using Encrypting File System (EFS), the EFS certificate(s) should be backed up and stored in a safe place.
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