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General Information The Geaux Box is a discount program offered by Cox Communications. It provides Cox High Speed Internet Preferred Tier...
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Description Audio Production is characterized as any live audio recorded captured via various means. Voice-over for video is a prime example. Once the raw audio is captured, it may be simply transferred to the client, or it may be edited and processed to meet client specifications. Service Name ...
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General Information ITS provides several digital media resources for increased learning and academic use. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information on what services are available to you, along with some usage-based scenarios to help you see which services will best serve you here at LSU. If you have any questions about...
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General Information Digital Imaging and Video Services (DIVS) offer resources for digitized content including audio/visual conversions, image scanning, photographic and audio visual training, photography and videography services for charge. In addition, we offer consultations regarding academic use of photography, videography, best...
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Digital Printing Services - Professional Description Using Epson inkjet printers, we offer professional, archival, pigmented prints up to 13x19 inches on a variety of surfaces. Please note: this service does not accommodate high-volume orders. Service Name Digital Printing Services -...
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General Information Audio conferencing services enable a meeting to be conducted without the need for all of the participants to meet in a single location. These services enable meetings to be planned and arranged such that the actual meetings are conducted by bringing participants together by telephone or through the Internet-- anytime and anywhere.
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Satellite Downlink Request Form to assist you in Setting up Satellite Conferencing. Submit a Request for an On-line Satellite Downlink .
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General Information Audio Conferencing is a feature that allows individuals or groups to hold meetings without having to be in the same place. Every party has an individual telephone number, and the group arranges a particular time to meet. Please be prepared to provide the following information about the desired...
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Big Blue Button Configuration Help: This article contains useful instructions on how to use the BigBlueButton video conferencing application. How to join a session: Note that in order to join a session and use BigBlueButton, Flash must be enabled on your device.
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General Information BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing program for online learning that is supported on all major platforms such as Mac, Linux, and PC....
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