Digital Media Quick Reference Guide

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General Information

ITS provides several digital media resources for increased learning and academic use. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information on what services are available to you, along with some usage-based scenarios to help you see which services will best serve you here at LSU. If you have any questions about any of these resources, feel free to contact the Faculty Technology Center by email or by phone (225) 578-3375, option 2.

  • Kaltura

Main Use: Video Streaming & Creation

Features include the following:
  - Screen Capture
  - Video/audio file streaming
  - Student video assignment allowed
  - Accepts most media file types

Use Cases include the following:
  - Create short videos
  - Upload video/audio files
  - Upload video with Powerpoint

Getting Started:
  - Log into and click on the course in which you would like to add a Kaltura resource.
  - Turn editing on and click the Add an activity or resource link in the block. Select the type of Kaltura resource/assignment from the list.
  - Configure the resource settings, upload the file and save changes. 

  • Panopto

Main Use:  Lecture Capture

Features include the following: 
  - Easy recording and management of recordings
  - Record in class and outside of class material with easy-to-use recording software
  - Note taking, bookmarking, and commenting features available while reviewing recorded lecture videos

Use Cases include the following:
  - Record lecture in the classroom
  - Record supplemental material outside of class
  - Allow students to access recordings after class via Moodle for review
  - Live Streaming

Getting Started:
  - For instructors, view the article Panopto: Getting Started with Moodle.
  - For instructors managing your recordings, view the article Panopto: Managing Your Recordings within Moodle.
  - For additional information see Panopto: LSU Overview.

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