Common Activity Settings: Activity Completion

Common Activity Settings: Activity Completion

Activity completion allows an activity to be counted towards the student's progress in the course.  It does not specifically have anything to do with the student's grade, although if the activity has a grade, its score will affect the grade.  But an activity can have its completion tracked without having a grade component.

Activity completion options

  • Completion tracking specifies how the completion of the activity will be indicated:
    • Do not indicate activity completion -- this activity's completion is not tracked, and will have no effect on course progress.
    • Students can manually mark the activity as completed -- students can choose to mark the activity completed, to help them judge their own progress in the course.  The accuracy of the course progress percentage is dependent upon whether the student accurately records their progress in each such activity.
    • Show activity as complete when conditions are met - this activities completion is measured by whether the student has  viewed the activity, whether they have submitted the activity, and whether they have received a grade for the activity.  These choices are checkboxes in the "Require view" and "Require grade" sections of these options, and only appear if the Show activity as complete when conditions are met option is chosen.
    • Expect completed on - If the Enable box is checked, the date and time of when the activity must be marked completed may be set.  If the activity is not marked completed, it will be assumed to be incomplete at that time.  If this option is not enabled, then completion status will not change based upon date and time.  This option is not available if the Do not indicate activity completion option is chosen.
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