SNAP: Activities & Resources: Add a Lesson

Lessons are assignments that consist of multiple pages with one question per page. The questions can be manually entered into Moodle, or can be uploaded from a text file that follows one of the acceptable question formats.

To Add a Lesson Activity:

1. Log on to Moodle and select the desired course.

2. Scroll to the Bottom of the course page and select Create Learning Activity.

Create Learning Activity button


3. Select Lesson under the Activities section to the left. Click Add at the bottom of the screen.

lesson activity and add button


4. Enter a Name for the lesson and any descriptions or notes in the Description box. If you want students to be able to see descriptions or notes on the main course page, check the Display description on course page checkbox.

General settings for lesson including name, description, and display description on course page checkbox


5. Set up the lesson in detail by adding questions, content, and other features through Lesson Options.

6. Personalize the Lesson in the Lesson Settings.

7. After all options are chosen, click Save and return to course. To go directly to entering the questions or lesson content, click Save and display.

save and return to course button as well as save and display button


For Moodle Essentials-themed course instruction please see Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Add a Lesson.

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