SNAP: Add a Feedback Survey Activity

The feedback activity enables teachers to create a customized survey for collecting feedback through a variety of question types.

To Add a Feedback Survey Activity:

1. Login to Moodle and select desired course.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Create Learning Activity

SNAP create learning activity select


3. Select Feedback under activities then click add

feedback activity add SNAP


4. Assign a Name and Description to the feedback.

feedback description SNAP


5. To set timing for the survey, click the down arrow on the availability tab and input times for "Open the feedback at" and "Close the feedback at."  

(NOTE: This is so that your Feedback survey will not be immediately available to your students as soon as you create it, and will continue to be accessed as long as the course you've made it available to.)

6. Personalize the feedback activities in the feedback settings on the right hand side.

7. Select Save and Display once finished. 


For more information on how to add a Feedback Survey in non-SNAP theme, please see the following link: Moodle 3: Add a Feedback Survey Activity


12/6/2019 10:22:58 AM