SNAP: Activities & Resources: Add Multiple Attendance Sessions

To Add Multiple Attendance Sessions:

1. Log into Moodle .

2. Open your desired course and select Attendance.

SNAP attendance section select


3. Switch to the Add session tab.

add session tab select SNAP


4. Here you can add and edit your sessions. To create multiple attendance sessions, check the "Repeat the session above as follows" box . Select when you would like the session to begin and end. Check the "Session Days" box(es) on which days the sessions should appear on. (Example: For Tuesday / Thursday classes, you would check both the Tuesday and the Thursday box.). To create an attendance session every week, set the weekly repeater to repeat every one (1) week.

NOTE: You can set the same settings for multiple groups if the sessions are to be held on the same corresponding dates.

edit added attendance session in SNAP


NOTE: If you allow students to record their own attendance, AND you create multiple sessions, the students will be able to mark each session at once. However, if the instructor goes into the session and changes the attendance, it will lock the session for the students. Alternatively, the instructor could create individual sessions and after class, go through and mark anyone who was absent so that they cannot do it at a later date.

multiple attendance sessions SNAP


5. When done, select Add at the bottom.

finish add SNAP


For more information on how to Add Multiple Attendance Sessions to non-SNAP theme, please see the following: Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Add Multiple Attendance Sessions

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