SNAP: Activities & Resources: Delete an Attendance Session

To Delete an Attendance Session:

1. Log into Moodle and select desired course.

2. Select the attendance section of your course. (To learn how to add Attendance to your course, view SNAP: Activities & Resources: Add Attendance

SNAP attendance select


3. Once in the Attendance section, select the gray X on the far right side of the section to delete specific attendance section.

delete attendance session select SNAP


4. On the confirmation screen, make sure you are deleting the correct session. After confirming that you are deleting the right session, click Continue.

delete confirmation SNAP


For more information on how to delete an Attendance Session in non-SNAP theme, please see the following link: Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Delete an Attendance Session


11/20/2019 9:37:40 AM