Comparing OneDrive, MS Teams, and Box

LSU ITS now offers OneDrive, MS Teams, and Box to the LSU community. This article aims to assist in comparing the features of all three services for those who are trying to decide which service may best suit you and your team's needs.



Please see the links below for general overviews of all three services:


Comparison Table

Below you'll see a table which compares all three services by looking at:

  • Maximum File Size
  • Storage limit 
  • Maximum directory folder depth/file path length 
  • Ability to collaborate internally or externally
  • How to acquire the respective service.



Max File Size

Storage Limit

 Directory Depth




        15 GB        1 TB Fewer than 400 characters in file path


Available via LSUMail

MS Teams


        15 GB        1 TB 260 characters in file path  Internal collaboration only

Available by request


         5 GB     Unlimited No more than four folders deep


Available by default at:


9/19/2019 10:51:30 AM