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General Information

The Box platform is a useful cloud software solution which allows you to back up your documents, as well as link any desired documents you wish to share with a friend or business partner. All of these tools are offered via the internet so you can access your documents at any time from any location. 

Please note:

  • If you separate from the University, any collaborated items (documentation, content, and folders within your Home Folder) will be lost to your collaborators.
  • As a matter of standard practice, if you are generating content pertaining to your department to be shared with others, place the documentation into the departmental folders provided to you.
  • If you separate from the University, any content residing within departmental folders will not be lost to collaborators.


Pre-Installation Notes

Review System Requirements

Download and Install

To access Box, go to and log in using your myLSU username and password 

Access Box on Mobile Devices

Download the Box app for Windows 8

Download Box Drive from the supplier

Support & Training

Box: Best Practices

Box: Community Forums

Box: Box University Course: Learning Box Course: Essential Training

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