LSU Libraries: Special Collections: E. A. McIlhenny Natural History Collection

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The McIlhenny Natural History Collection was begun by Edward Avery McIlhenny (1872-1949), scion of the prominent Louisiana family which since 1868 has produced the world-famous Tabasco hot pepper sauce.

To Access the E. A. McIlhenny Natural History Collection through the LSU Special Collections:

1. Navigate to the LSU Special Collections Library web page.

2. Under the Collections and Centers drop down at the top of the screen, select E.A. McIlhenny Natural History Collection.

E.A. McIllhenny natural history collection button

3. A new informational webpage will open to the E.A. McIllhenny Natural History Collection.

E. A. McIlhenny Natural History Collection homepage

4. At the bottom of the page, click the purple online exhibition link to see a printed catalog.

online exhibition printed catalog


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