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** Android Device Variation Notice **

There are many different versions of Android used on mobile devices. This article will present a generic set of instructions for Android-based devices. It should be used as a guide while using your Android device. Screenshots, as well as instructions, will vary depending on device make and model. While we try to include all possible options that a user may encounter, a user may see something different than what is shown in this article. For any issues that may arise while using this article, please contact the Help Desk for further assistance.

General Information:

This article explains how to set up an Android-Based Mobile Device to use the ActiveSync Protocol for accessing the LSUMail e-mail system. 

  • ActiveSync:  ActiveSync allows your phone to synchronize messages, contacts and calendar entries with your mail server.  The mail app may not actually mention ActiveSync, but will instead refer to it as Corporate, Exchange or Outlook e-mail.
  • Minimum System Requirements:  Your device should be running AT LEAST Android 2.2.1 Operating System.  (You may experience issues if you are running an older version of Android on your mobile device.)

 For carrier details on your specific mobile device:

Select your Carrier:       AT&T        SPRINT        VERIZON        T-Mobile

Set Up & Configure LSUMail on an Android Device:

1. Tap the Setting Option on your device.

Android Home Screen with Settings button highlighted

2. In the left hand side menu, tap the Accounts setting, then tap Add Accounts at the right. 

Android Account Settings

3. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync option

4. Enter the following information: 

  • Email:   

Enter Your E-mail Address.  (Ex.

  • Password: 

Enter Your PAWS Password.  

If necessary, you can Reset your PAWS Password if you cannot remember it.

Account Sign In


Then select Sign In

5. Enter the following information: 

  • Domain:  

Leave the Domain information blank.

  • Username:


- Use your LSU e-mail address for the username.

  • Server:

  • Tap the 'Use secure SSL connection' option.
  • Tap the 'Accept all SSL certificates' option.
  • If you are asked to allow the server to remotely control some security features, select OK.

Remote Security Administration window

6. Select what you want to synchronize and how much to synchronize, then select Sign In

  • You can sync your e-mail, your contacts & your calendar entries on your computer with your Android device.

Manual setup options

7. You may receive an e-mail that asks you to Activate the device administrator.

  • You MUST select the Activate option or else the account set up will NOT succeed.
  • This Activation lets you monitor your Android device from the OWA Web Interface for your LSUMail Account.   (

8. From the OWA Options View:

  • You can Wipe your phone of all data, if you should lose it.
  • You can See when the phone last synchronized data with the mail server.

** OWA Variation Notice **

OWA is updated and experiences formatting changes regularly. This article will present a generic set of instructions for use of OWA. It should be used as a guide while using OWA. Screenshots and instructions may be slightly different from the current implementation of OWA, and a user may see something different than what is shown in this article. For issues that may arise during the process of using this article, please contact the Help Desk for further assistance.


9. If account is still not added, try the manual set-up option listed in step 4.

10. Assign an Account name to your linked LSU email account, then select Done. (optional)

Email Account Name

Optional: Install Outlook app from Google Play Store

1. Download the Outlook app or search for Outlook in Google Play with your Android device.

2. After the installation is complete, click the Get Started button.

3. Select the account that you like to add.

4. Sign in to the account and the Microsoft Outlook app should begin to sync.


LSUMail Server Settings

Incoming Mail Server (IMAP):      Port:  993
Encryption Method:  SSL

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):      Port:  587
Encryption Method:  TLS

Generate Server Settings (OWA):

Find POP, IMAP & SMTP Settings for LSUMail

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