Cloud Storage Services: LSU Overview


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Cloud Storage Services

Storing your electronic data in the Cloud is an great way to keep you data Secure and Accessible. Once the internet-enabled device is configured, your data files can then be accessed, managed, and shared.

  • Box - A cloud storage tool that allows you to store all of your data files in a secure off-site location.

  • FilesToGeaux (FTG) - A storage tool providing TEMPORARY storage space for anyone with a PAWS ID.  Allows the sharing of VERY LARGE files.  Files are securely shared to anyone with access to the internet.  
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business (Office365) - A file sharing and storage service that is included with LSUmail. Allows users to upload and access their files from an online web browser or local device.
  • Microsoft OneDrive (SkyDrive) - A tool that allows you to store all of your data in the cloud.  You data can then be accessed, managed and shared from anywhere.
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