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General Information ITS and the Frey Data Center are offering affordable options to allow departments to utilize available server technology. This includes Virtual Servers, Storage, and Data Center Rack Space . Services Provided & Pricing...
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Category: Hardware & Equipment

Change the BIOS Boot Order on OS X El Capitan: 1. Open System Preferences . 2. Select Startup Disk .
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Category: Changing the BIOS Boot Order

To Access System Setup to Select Disk Drive Find out what type of BIOS version you have in order to access it. (If you already know how to access your BIOS. Skip to Step 7 .) 1. Select Run from the start menu and type...
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Category: Changing the BIOS Boot Order

These are the free services that Field Support provides: Mainframe: Installation, configuration, troubleshooting of clients Hummingbird IBM Personal Communications Host on Demand - no longer supported. Mainframe Printer Support Configure IBM...
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Category: Field Support (Provided by ITS)

Field Support Services: LSU Overview General Information Field Support Services assists the user with the installation and configuration of computer programs and services. Eligibility & Order Procedures Available To: LSU-owned equipment.
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Category: Field Support (Provided by ITS)

General Information Apple offers special pricing on the LSU Apple Academic Store Website, it is available to LSU Faculty, Staff and Students. These steps are for purchasing Apple Hardware or Software for Personal Use Only. (NOT for Institutional...
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Category: LSU Purchase of Apple Hardware

TigerWare: Apple Institutional Purchasing (LSU-Owned Computers) General Information NOTE: These instructions are for LSU Institutional Purchases, as LSU-owned computers. To make an Personal Purchase ...
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Category: LSU Purchase of Apple Hardware

General Information Solid State Drives (SSDs) are quickly replacing traditional, mechanical, hard disk drives due to their higher speed, lower power consumption, lighter weight, and being more shock proof. However, traditional whole disk erasing utilities like Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) do not work well with SSDs...
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Category: Surplus LSU Equipment

General Information The Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council is a non-profit organization which promotes...
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Category: Surplus LSU Equipment

General Information on Degaussing at LSU Degaussing should be used as a last resort , ONLY used for erasing Sensitive Data on a computer that WILL NOT boot-up. The degauss-er tool is available for LSU Departments though the NOC at ITS. If the...
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Category: Surplus LSU Equipment