ITS Desktop Support Services: Free Services

These are the free services that ITS Desktop Support provides:


  • Installation, configuration, troubleshooting of clients
    • Hummingbird
    • IBM Personal Communications
    • Host on Demand - no longer supported
  • Mainframe Printer Support
    • Configure IBM Personal Communications for an existing local mainframe printer
    • Determination of mainframe compatibility of existing networked printers
    • If compatible, definition of network printer in mainframe to customer requested mainframe printer name
    • Troubleshooting of mainframe printers
    • Recycling mainframe printers remotely
    • Troubleshooting and problem solving of local mainframe printer sessions
    • Troubleshooting and problem solving of networked mainframe printers, provided the issue is the fault of VPS configuration and not a configuration error in the printer itself
    • Changing of default mainframe printer definitions for mainframe user accounts

LSU Email:

  • Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of clients
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Entourage
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Calendar
  • Configuration for Exchange calendar sharing in Outlook
  • Configuration for Exchange calendar sharing in Entourage

Lotus Notes:

  • Installation of the appropriate version of the Lotus Notes software
  • Configuration of the Lotus Notes software
  • Connect to any database needed
  • Create bookmarks to commonly accessed databases


  • Configuration of Eduroam on any OS (assuming compatible hardware) including:
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Mac OS X
    • Linux (If compatible)
    • iOS (on iPhones and iPads)
    • Android OS (on compatible devices)
1/29/2024 11:58:14 AM