GROK: Dashboard: LSU Overview

General Information

After logging in, you will be redirected to the GROK Dashboard. From here you can access everything necessary to work within GROK.

Work Queues

In the Work Queues section, you can access the GROK Dashboard, Pending Articles, Expired Articles, etc.

work queues with pending, expired, expiring and rejected articles

Manage Content

In the Manage Content section, you can access links to manage the media within GROK.

content queues with options like new article or manage categories.


The Reports section contains links to all of GROK's articles and editor reports.

report queues with my articles or history of revisions as options and more.

At a Glance

The At a Glance section in the GROK Dashboard shows a numerical count of articles that are expired, expiring, pending, etc.

NOTE: Clicking the number listed after each section will redirect you to a list of articles in the corresponding section.

'at a glance' queues pending, expired, expiring and rejected articles


Articles with Issues

The Articles with Issues section shows all the articles within GROK that have issues.

NOTE: Articles are usually flagged as having an issue because of broken external links. GROK student workers maintain this section.

'articles with issues' section.


Your Articles

The Your Articles section shows all of your articles that are saved as a draft or pending approval.

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