Frey Computing Services Center Building and Grounds Safety

Service Name
Frey Computing Services Center Building and Grounds Safety.
Assure compliance with fire and safety codes and regulations. Comply with State Fire Codes. Conduct quarterly building inspections and report on all building safety issues to OES. Identify, obtain reports from building occupants, request services from Facility Services, notify building occupants, and ensure that repairs, maintenance, and changes are performed to correct any safety hazards and violations in the Frey Computing Services Center building, grounds, and equipment. 
All occupants of the Frey Computing Services Center building.
Ordering & Request Procedures Forms or Links
Email from occupants and personal inspections and observations.
Building Coordinator
Jeremy Songne
Rm. 113 Frey Computing Services Center
Phone: 225-578-5284
Delivery Timeline or
Response Time
2 days to report individual problems. 4 weeks to conduct quarterly building inspections and write reports.
None, unless changes and additions are requested.
ITS/VCIT—Executive Directors.
Policy Statements
Building Coordinator - PS-49
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