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Submit a New Photo 1. Open the LSU Tiger Card Office Web Site . 2. Click on Online Photo Submission located in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.
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Register for Student Tickets: LSU Football To register for student tickets you will need to use your LSU ID number. Find out what your LSU ID number is. 1. With your LSU ID number in hand, go...
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Student Response System Clicker: How To Purchase / Obtain a Clicker Students may need to purchase an SRS clicker for a class. The clickers may be purchased in the LSU Bookstore at the checkout counter. Once you have purchased a clicker, it is important that you register that clicker on PAWS. Then, when you...
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TurningPoint Clickers - Purchased a Clicker & License Fall 2016 and After If you purchased/registered a license and clicker in either the Fall 2016 semester or after, you will not need to register again through Moodle. You will only have to input a new subscription code when your subscription expires. You can check your account by...
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Once you have obtained and registered a Turning Technologies' clicker and license, it will be necessary for you to be sure the clicker is set to the proper channel in each classroom in which the clicker is used. Only clickers set to the proper channel will be picked up by the receiver in that room. Please follow the steps below to be sure your clicker is set to the proper channel.
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TurningPoint clickers are supported by LSU and used in classrooms all across campus. Benefits You answer questions in private – no need for you to raise your hand and be called upon. The answers are collected almost instantly....
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Frequently Asked Questions -...
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Frequently Asked Questions - Student (Account & Subscription) I already own a Turning Technologies clicker from a previous course, do I need...
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Frequently Asked Questions - Student (SRS Clicker) What type of clicker do I need to purchase? What are the benefits of using...
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