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Instructors and students can share Kaltura videos with everyone enrolled in the course. To do this, you will need to add a video to the Kaltura Course Media . Videos in this area are available to everyone enrolled in a course until the course is hidden, or until the owner removes it from the Course Media Gallery. How to Add Video Files to Kaltura Course...
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The Kaltura Course Media area is a gallery of videos that can be viewed by everyone enrolled in a course. It is NOT where students submit videos for an assignment. If an instructor adds a video to the course via the Kaltura Video Resource , the video is NOT automatically added to the Course Media area. ...
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In the Kaltura Course Media Gallery , you can view Analytics for your videos or remove them from the Course Media. NOTE: Deleting a video means removing every instance of that video, and it CANNOT be retrieved. If a student deletes a video, it is also deleted from...
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Category: Basic Features & How To's