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In OneDrive for Business, there are many kinds of activities that you may engage in through using the various apps in the Office Web Application (OWA) that OneDrive is a part of. To view all your recent activity, follow the steps below. To View OneDrive for Business Recent Activity: 1. Login...
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If you having problems syncing files between your computer and OneDrive for Business, it could be a result of problems with the OneDrive for Business sync client. This article provides a few possible solutions to fix this issue. PLEASE NOTE: These solutions are intended for the OneDrive for Business sync client, ...
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General Information Windows OneDrive is a free file sharing and storage service that allows users to upload and access their files from an online web browser or local device. The service comes with 15GB of free personal storage, with upgrades ranging up to 1TB of storage space. For users to access their files, OneDrive uses...
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Windows Live OneDrive provides an easy way to send links to the documents, files, and photos you want to share with friends. To Share Links to Documents, Files, and Photos through Email: 1. Login to Windows OneDrive: ...
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Windows OneDrive allows users to easily share up to 15 GB of documents, files, and photos with friends and family, as well as social networks. To Share Photo Albums with Friends: 1. Login to Windows OneDrive . More...
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Install Windows OneDrive 1. Sign Up for a Windows Live Account for Free . Website: . 2. Select the Get SkyDrive, if you already have a Window Live account , select...
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Microsoft Teams: LSU Overview Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines instant messaging, calls,...
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Requesting a New Microsoft Team: Microsoft teams will be accessible by LSU Flagship Faculty, Staff, and Students. The requirements are an identified owner of the MS Team who will administer the usage/users within the team, as well as a business objective that the Team will strive to achieve. The students have the same two requirements, and they...
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General Information Visit the LSU CxC Web Site which provides complete information directly from the Communication across...
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Access CxC Registration through the myLSU Portal 1. Log into the myLSU Portal . 2. On the left hand side menu, select Student Services | Distinguished Comm CxC.
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