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Upload a Document to Google Drive 1. Login to your Google Account . 2. Click Drive at the top of the page.
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If you are using Chrome as your browser, Google Drive will support extra features such as the option to automatically sync all your downloaded files to your Drive. This can be very helpful when keeping track of your downloaded files and being able to access them on the go. NOTE : This will ONLY work if you...
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How to Connect More Apps to Google Drive: 1. Log in to Google Drive . 2. Select My Drive > More > + Connect More Apps .
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To Install Google Drive Plug-in for Mircrosoft Office: 1. Follow this link to Google Drive and Click on the Download button to begin.
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Keyboard shortcuts help you save time—you never have to take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. Now you can get more done with fewer clicks. To access Keyboard Shortcuts: 1. Go to Google Drive. 2. Use the...
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Preventing Others from Downloading, Printing, or Copying Shared Files or Folders: 1. Log in to Google Drive. 2. Select the file or folder that you want to prevent others to use. Click the Share button in the top right...
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In general, most problems in Drive can be fixed by fully exiting and restarting the application. However, for persistent problems, there may need to be more steps taken to restore functionality and complete your syncing. To Troubleshoot Syncing Problems: 1. Fully exit and restart Drive. To do this, go to your Drive icon in...
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General Information Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a file sharing and storage service that is included with LSUMail. It allows users to save private files, make files public, share files with contacts, and create files...
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Notes: To avoid potential account problems, please access your OneDrive for Business account via a web browser prior to using a OneDrive Desktop Sync application (or an application that syncs with OneDrive for Business). The OneDrive Desktop Sync application is...
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Installing OneDrive for Business on a Mac OS X Operating System: 1. Open the App Store.
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