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Room 213 Projector Troubleshooting: Before asking for a repair of the projector, check the following. If the symptom persists, stop using the projector, be sure to unplug the power plug, and then contact your dealer.
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Louisiana State University Information Technology Services (ITS) Frey Computing Services Center Data Center Policy Access: If you...
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General Information The Network Operations Center (abbreviated NOC) is the 24/7 system operations and monitoring center for LSU, also governing Frey's parking lot spaces and a data center. It is located on the first floor of Frey. All ITS Service Desk after-hours calls will be routed to the NOC for further assistance. Parking in the Frey...
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In order to keep an accurate accountability of mileage and fuel usage, all ITS vehicles must be checked out from the NOC. To reserve a vehicle, please do so in Outlook by scheduling a meeting and searching for one of the following after clicking the Required button: ITS Vehicle 1 (Durango), ITS Vehicle 2 (Durango 4X4), or ITS Vehicle 3 (Van). To checkout a vehicle after it is reserved, find a...
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