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General Information The Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council is a non-profit organization which promotes...
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On-Line Work Order Submission The University Networking & Infrastructure Department at ITS offers on-line Work Order Submission & Tracking System available to LSU Faculty & Staff. The purpose of this article is to guide customers through the process. When to...
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Enter a UNI Work Order 1. Go to the following site: .
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Summary NAXOS Music Library is a collection of music, biographies, music glossary, work analyses, and other educational resources available from any computer with Internet access. Naxos can be easily accessed from your iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android devices using the Naxos App. Depending on which device you have, download the app from the App...
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There are over 150 podiums in classrooms and labs across campus. Connecting laptops to display via the data projector using the podium is best done when the following instructions are implemented. Please note that these instructions also work when hooking up laptops directly to data projectors, for example, in a conference room. Connect a Laptop to a...
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The following is a list of classrooms that should be routed to Multimedia Classroom Support. Any calls coming from these classrooms will be considered urgent, and Multimedia Support should be contacted immediately at 225-578-7622. If you are having an issue with a room not on this list, you will likely need to contact Facility Services 225-578-3186.
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Pingone is a web utility commissioned and maintained by Information Technology Services. The site is meant as a tool for network and system administrators to find and diagnose problems with network connectivity on systems on campus and off. How to Use Pingone: 1. To use this program, visit ...
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General Information: Shared resources should be secured so that only those who need to access the resource can access the resource. While there are many ways to secure your Windows box, this document will describe the methods normally used by the Office of Computing Services Active Directory staff. By default, Windows installs NTFS...
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Active Directory FAQs What is an Active Directory (AD)? The Microsoft Windows Active Directory glossary defines an Active Directory as...
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Active Directory provides central authentication and authorization services for Windows based computers. Active Directory also allows administrators to assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates to an entire organization according to Wikipedia. The Group policy is similar to the "Local Security Policy" available on all Windows NT workstations, the Group...
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