Wireless: Printing from a Laptop (Mac)


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General Information:

This article shows you the step-by-step process of how to send a print job from your Mac laptop to one of the LSU Public Access computer lab print servers.

Anyone with a valid PAWS ID and a Tiger Card now has the ability to print out documents remotely from their laptop in any of the LSU Public Access computer labs. Once you connect to a printer and submit your print job, all you have to do is use your Tiger Card to release and pay for the job at the PHAROS pay-station located in the lab where your print job was submitted.

There are two wireless printing options for Mac users, using web release through MyPrintCenter using your web browser or by installing the Mac Printer Package through TigerWare.

You can also print wirelessly at LSU from your Windows Laptop, for more information review the following:  Wireless: Printing from a Laptop (Windows).

If you receive Errors or have trouble, see Printing Problems.

Print Using MyPrintCenter:

PLEASE NOTE: The print site DOES NOT work on Safari. (Click here to print using the Mac Printer Package.)

  1. Go to http://print.lsu.edu/myprintcenter/.  
  2. Log in with your PAWS ID and password.

Pharos login screen window

  1. Click on the Upload button to choose your file.

Upload button on the Job List tab

  1. Alter print settings by changing the print options.

Print settings - including color and slide orientation.

  1. Go to one of the print release stations. Slide your Tiger Card and select your print job on the computer screen. Your document will print from the printer that you selected.

Print Using the Mac Printer Package:

1. Download the Wireless_Printing.dmg file from TigerWare. (Be sure you know where the file will be saved - the Desktop is a good place to save the file for accessibility.)

2. Double-click the .dmg file it to mount it.

3. You should now have a new drive named Popup 8.0 appear in the Finder.  Double-click the Popup.pkg.

Popup 8.0 window

4. Click Continue.

Welcome screen on the installation wizard

5. Read the Important Information and click Continue.

important printer information screen on the installation wizard

6. Click Install to complete the installation.

Standard install screen on the installation wizard

7. Click Close when installation is complete.

Completed printer installation screen on the installation wizard

Manually Set Up Pharos Pop-Up Client:

1. At the top left corner of your screen, click the Apple icon.

Apple Icon on the top toolbar

2. Click on System Preferences.

System Preferences option on the Apple dropdown menu

3. On the System Preferences screen, click Users & Groups.

Users & Groups preferences in the Preferences screen.

4. On the next screen, select Login Items.

Login Items option on the Users & Groups screen

5. Click the + sign at the next screen.

Add Item button

6. On the next screen, locate the drop down browsing bar in the top middle of the screen.

Broswing bar on the File Browser window

7. On the drop down bar, select Macintosh HD. (Hard Drive)

Macintosh HD selection

8. On the next screen, browse: Library > Application Support > Pharos > Popup. Select Popup and click Add.

Pharos Popup file in the library

9. Your Pharos pop-up is now set up manually.

Popup on the Login Items list

Referenced from: Pharos

Confirm Successful Installation:

1. The Print dialog will now show the Lab Printers that you just installed:

Lab printers installed on the Print window

Report any issues to the Help Desk - helpdesk@lsu.edu or call 578-3375.

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