Moodle: Switching Roles to View Course as a Student

You can temporarily change your role in a Moodle course to view the course as a student (or other role) might see it.

To Switch Your Role:

1. Log on to Moodle and select the course.

2. Go to the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the Course Administration menu. gear icon

3. Select the "Switch role to..." option under the Administration menu.

switch role link

4. Select Student.

student link

5. Your course front page will now change to the view that your students see. Any items and links that you had hidden from your students (shown red with the indicator (hidden) in the Instructor's view) will now be invisible.

6. To return to your normal view as an instructor, put your cursor over your name in the upper right corner of the screen and click the "Return to my normal role" button. Please make sure you switch back to your normal role prior to exiting the course in Moodle.

return to my normal role button


Support & Training

Support and training for Moodle is available via the Faculty Technology Center at For more information, please see the following article: Faculty Technology Center: LSU Overview

Attending at least one training session for Moodle upgrades is highly recommended. For a comprehensive list of training sessions, as well as to register for a slot, please see

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