SNAP: Activities & Resources: Adding Quiz Questions to a Quiz

After creating a Quiz, you must add questions to it. You can create new questions, or add questions from the Question Bank. If you create a new question, it will automatically be added to your Question Bank.


To Add Quiz Questions to a Quiz:

1. Log into Moodle and select desired course.

2. Click on the desired quiz within the course that you wish to add questions to, then click on the Admin icon (gear symbol) to the top right side and select Edit Quiz.

SNAP edit quiz select after clicking admin icon


3Select Add from the right-hand side of the Edit Quiz screen.

SNAP add quiz question


4. Here you'll have three options for adding a question to your quiz:

  • Add a New Question
  • Add from the Question Bank
  • Add a Random Question

add quiz options SNAP


5.  If you select Add a New Question, the Choose a question type to add window will appear. Select your type, and follow the instructions on the next screen to create the question. Select Save Changes to save.

add question type SNAP


6. If you select Add from Question Bank, select your desired question and click Add selected question to quiz to save.

SNAP add new question from bank


7. If you select Add a Random Question, select the category and number of random questions you want. Click Add random question to add the questions to the quiz. You can also create a new category with the random questions.

add random question SNAP


8. The question will then appear on your screen. It should now be added to your quiz.


For more information on how to Add Questions to a Quiz in non-SNAP theme, please see the following: Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Adding Quiz Questions to a Quiz

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